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Much thanks to Weiss-chan for letting me use the Angelique images from her site! m(__)m

~ A n g e l i q u e ~
1024 x 768
One pic juxtaposed over the other one. ^^ I would've made one the other way around except it just didn't work out unless you didn't mind Olivie totally cut off. ^^;;
Group 1 (I call it the scary group XP)
1024 x 768 | 800 x 600
Not my fave of the two... _;;; No one from this pic liked my Angelique... >_<
Group 2 (Luvluv group XD)
1024 x 768 | 800 x 600
Much better personalities gathered here. Marcel, Luva, and Randy! ^-^ (Oh, and can't forget sweet Clavis-sama~ >:D)
Checker Dark
As you can see, these pix on the right side can be used either as desktop wallpaper or for your site bg. ^^
Checker Light
Just make sure that you upload the image to your own server, not link to the images. >:)
Checker Rainbow
Hau~~~~ I just love Randy-sama in this~~~ *o*

Please do not use any of the images at any other site without linking back to this site. It would be great if you also e-mailed me and let me know so I can visit your site too. ^^