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          date: Jan.03, '03 Fri. alpha log 02.
...continued from log 01...
and couldn't help making a surprised face.
was caught off guard.
so my eyebrows rose, and his did too.
after that, saw him going back,
and one time saw him starting to come this way
which would've been too much
'cause there wasn't anyone else in the restaurant,
but he didn't, so that was good.
found out from my mother that he's 27. ufu.
just depressing that he's already shackled.
after all, my mom had it from him he's married.

          date: Jan.03, '03 Fri. alpha log 01.
one reason for hating restaurant...
it's different from the path he usually takes!
so didn't see him at all except for one glimpse
in the morning from the bakery, prior to
the transfer over to the restaurant.
co-worker from yesterday pointed him out
asking if that's the one.
otherwise, didn't see him!
didn't see him even at break or lunch
when passing by his dpt. after punching time card.
was starting to think he went home or something.
then after lunch, was sitting at a bench
near exit, rubbing on handcream when
saw him going to the restaurant that
was behind my bench. was so happy~~~
and then after my lunch, saw him passingby
my restaurant. surprised and happy.
then we had something going on at the restaurant
and we were talking about something
when just glancing up, saw him.
...continued onto log 02.

          date: Jan.03, '03 Fri.
got transferred over to the restaurant
next door for today. hatehatehatehateit!!!
hate not knowing what/how to do everything,
hate having absolutely nothing to do
when there are no customers!
there's no co-worker to talk to.
don't like anyone working at the restaurant.
forgot to turn off the coffeemaker today...
hmph...who cares.

          date: Jan.02, '03 Thu. alpha
uwaaaaaan. looked forward to seeing him today!
(plz ignore my resolution...)
but he wasn't there today. boohoo.
told another co-worker a bit about my crush.
(we got into discussions about what
a "crush" means.)
told her he reminded me of my cat.
his face looks like my cat.
'least...imo. but maybe it's just me.

          date: Jan.02, '03 Thu.
a peaceful day. no more of the dreaded kids.
almost absolutely no customers.
the only anti-highlight-of-the-day-customers were;
one korean man who thought he could speak eng
so well and demanded to have his stuff put in a
that's what it sounded like.
so a co-worker showed a bag asking if he wanted
a "plastic-bag"
and he said no although that's what he meant;
another customers came after store closed.
already closed the cash register and was counting.
they come, claiming to come from sooo far away.
which it isn't, since many workers commute
from that place everyday.
and secondly, if they came from so far away,
why the heck couldn't they get their shopping
done so much the sooner then, huh?

          date: Jan.01, '03 Wed. alpha
today was good. got eyes full of him.
the second time they were pounding the rice cake,
he was the main person pounding it.
he looked soooo cute!
but seriously, gotta stop this infatuation
since it's not going anywhere.
so...that'll be one of my resolutions
for this year.

          date: Jan.01 '03 Wed.
Happy New Year happy new year!
they had events going on at work.
was fun and exciting to watch
(and not work.)
they had pea picking contest,
where a contestant picks up a pea
with chopsticks and transfers it to a bowl.
and they see how many people can get
within a set time.
only problem was, they did it near
the bakery and it was darn loud with the mc.
couldn't hear myself speaking or the customer.
the other event was pounding of rice cake.
it was funny when the general store manager
started pounding, the "mochi" went flying out
of the stone bowl on his first strike.

          date: Dec.31 '02 Tue. alpha
met his eyes today twice. kya!
(my reaction's getting scarier by the day...)
couldn't stop smiling after that.
and the second time, he was so cute!
he blinked!
(yes, that's all and it's cute, so there.)
buuuut...later in the day, saw him
buying coffee next store...
(which is basically the same store actually.
next door is a restaurant and we're a bakery.
but we share the same kitchen and same cakes.)
why not come to our place... boohoo.
then after work, was waiting for my mom.
met him there. he nodded, and that was it.
called a friend when my mom was in shower,
finally got to tell her about my infatuation,
and realized how weird my reactions are.
told her our eyes met, she suggested smiling,
and realized, my face has been always
straighter than straight when looking at him!

          date: Dec.31 '02 Tue.
Happy New Year!
even though the date of blog is technically dec.
it's past midnight, so happy new year.
anyway, no highlight of the day...
except a few min. ago, my mom woke up,
asked me; "what're you doing still up? what time is it?"
then seemed to have gone right back to sleep
because she was snoring in the next instant.
can't tell if she was even awake or not.

          date: Dec.30 '02 Mon.
my one day off for the week!
went grocery shoppings and forgot catfood;
went to laundromat, waited there
to put in bleach,
but got engrossed in watching GH
and missed the moment to put it in. ufu.
digicam captures of the day...
me need a haircut...
yuki 01 "I'm in middle of eating!"
yuki 02 stretching

          date: Dec.29 '02 Sun. beta
jeez. ran into someone from rons yesterday!
he's working part time practically next door!
muuu... came across him again today during break.
fell to talking and he gave me his number
telling me to call him.
told him okay,
with absolutely no intention of doing so.
he asked for my cellphone but don't have one.
so there.
but do want one to call friends
during lunchbreak or just break.

          date: Dec.29 '02 Sun. alpha
it's been so busy...
don't even have the time to notice him passing by!
but came across him twice during lunch break.
first time, was sitting and chewing on tapioca pearls
when my mind just came into focus and realized
that he was walking towards my direction
to the water fountain. was very happy after that.
after that, noticed a pregnant woman looking for a place to sit, so packed my stuff even though middle of my lunch, went to the restroom and killed some time at kino next door.
then even though it was a few minutes early,
decided to go back. and came across him
carrying something back to his department
where the time card thing's nearby.
so stalked him there step for step.
that was fun.
otherwise, didn't have much time to notice him... boohoo.

          date: Dec.29 '02 Sun.
fuuuuuu...! such a tiring but fun day!
the bothersome kids weren't there.
only the experienced people
so things ran smoothly.
that's how it should be!
just wish that one of the co-workers would
stop being so irritated. admittedly she's worn out,
and not getting enough days off,
but it's just not nice acting irritated
especially towards customers.
but then again, can't say much about her.
when a co-worker asked me
what's inside the pudding bread,
replied, "who cares. just tell them it's pudding"
in jpns, thinking that the customer was american.
turns out it was a jpns customer! gak.
but he laughed it off, so that was okay.
thank goodness.

          date: Dec.28 '02 Sat. alpha
was in the kitchen most of the day
and it was busy today,
so almost never saw him.
the one time he passed by
and it wasn't busy,
he didn't even glance once this way.
uwaaaaaan baka baka!
on the other hand, look at my photo.
gotten so fat and plus,
can't see because of the quality of the shot,
but my face's broken out in so many places...
so why would anyone look at me twice?
oh well.
but it's fun imagining myself with an infatuation.

          date: Dec.28 '02 Sat.
so many things happened today.
most of them disagreeable at work.
aside from personals though,
didn't do much selling.
just sliced cabbages in the kitchen.
much prefer selling bread.
after all, that's my job description.
not slicing cabbages. oh well.
anyway, finally got the digicam to work.
got it from sheep for...
bday or x'mas. can't remember.
so here're some photos:
desktop me - so fat >x< yuki 01 02
for the desktop,
that's my laptop connected to a monitor
because the screen's not working
for my laptop.

          date: Dec.27 '02 Fri. alpha
saw him soooo many times today. ufu.
and at the end of xmas day,
came across him
because he was bringing the cashier drawer
to the office at the same time too.
is it too much to hope that
his face was red too,
and it wasn't just my imagination?
he had his name tag on this morning
when he was passing by...
couldn't see it without my glasses though.
so he remains nameless.

          date: Dec.27 '02 Fri.
couldn't get the car out of the snow.
so. walked.
it's so hilly around here,
and the sidewalks were iced over!
my mom was working an hour later
so called home to warn her about the ice.
turns out she already slipped and fell
after our attempt to dig out the car.
so she didn't go to work.

          date: Dec.26 '02 Thu.
was supposed to go to work at 9am.
was woken up by my mom at 8am.
completely forgot to turn on the alarm.
plus, couldn't get up for the life of me,
so decided not to go.
called 'em up and told 'em was sick.
which turned out to be not much of a lie.
had a headache from the stress
of driving in the snow yesterday.
hate how they don't plow well in nj.
that little snow wouldn't have mattered in ma.
oh well.
so slept in until 2pm
and went and did the laundry
with my mom. it's her day off today.
muu...have to get up early tomorrow.
9am again.

          date: Dec.25 '02 Wed. Log 03. back and had a small dinner.
complained to my mom
about the job situation today.
after that, went online
but didn't find anything fun.
so decided to watch rest of eps
of NAR*TO that sheep got for me.
there's a problem with eps.6...
can't see it with any version of divx. bleh.
so just skipped most of it and watched eps.7
but parts of it was weird
compared to the comic
so got out my comic
and read along while watching.
much prefer the comic
for its storyline and art.
but it's nice to have voice.
so spending my time now
reading while listening.
merry x'mas.

          date: Dec.25 '02 Wed. Log 02.
so anyway...had an awful white x'mas.
was blizzarding (no such word)
by the time work was done.
debated on driving or walking home.
didn't feel like freezing home,
so risked driving...
OMG I thought I was gonna die!!!!
it took 30min. to get home
when it usually takes 7min.
slipped and slidded so many times
didn't think to make it safely home!
cried after having finally reached home
and found a parking space available.
literally weeped.
thank goodness we made it home alive...

          date: Dec.25 '02 Wed. Log 01.
one of the worst days ever (again).
the kids were back and worse.
they don't know how to clean up after themselves!
so there're plastic gloves littered
all over the place,
and the doors into the pastry displays
are left open all the time!
OMG! they're darn kids!
they don't know what a job means!
how stupid can the supervisor be!?!?!?
she doesn't comprehend
that these kids make more work
for other people!!!! when it's so busy!!!!!!!!!!

          date: Dec.24 '02 Tue.
omg...! today was a circus!
to borrow a co-worker's word.
3 brand new kids in the sales section
and they know close to nothing!
they're the daughters of other co-workers
and even though they might mean well,
it's not enough
when the store's so darn busy.
and they're coming tomorrow too...
for goodness' sake, they're mid-teens!
and don't know how to work!
was trying to tape a box of cake,
turned around to find the tape gone.
ran after the guy who took the tape.
was saying "Tape! Tape! Tape!"
the guy turns around with a strange face,
so took a piece of tape out of his hand,
and he says,
"I was wondering why you were saying 'debu'."
which means "fat."

          date: Dec.23 '02 Mon.
met a new co-worker
who has been working at the bakery
for some months now apparently.
my goodness, she's quick at the job!
had to help cut veggies in the back.
sliced off a piece of skin
along with a cucumber...

          date: Dec.22 '02 Sun.
another day off.
met with friends.
got a digital camera as a gift!
not installed yet.
gonna toy around with it asap.

          date: Dec.21 '02 Sat.
a day off.
did my laundry today.

          date: Dec.20 '02 Fri. alpha

may have a crush...
on a married guy.
not worried since it's not serious
but it just bothers me.
he walks by the bakery a lot
because his department requires him to
pass that way...
and it's annoying
my attention snaps to him
each time.
don't even know his name.
but my mind's bothering me about him.
one time though...
he saw me eating chunks of pastries
while throwing away the leftovers of the day.
how embarrassing.

          date: Dec.20 '02 Fri.

have no patience with stupid people.
after work, was waiting for a friend
to give her a ride.
supervisor for another department came by,
saw me, and asked,
"Are you waiting for your older sister?", for a friend...
he passes by then turns around;
"I meant your mother, you do know.
"You should say something like
'oh, my oldest sister?' Ha ha."
ha ha, right. stupid middle aged asian men.
they sell bubble tea nearby.
tried lychee bubble tea and didn't like it.
tea type bubble tea's much better.
thinking of trying tea-coffee blend bubble tea
another time.

          date: Dec.19 '02 Thu.

was so tired.
rested my head on the table
during lunch break
and fell asleep...
couldn't remember what time break started
and was afraid of having slept past an hour
but got back to work three min. early.
thank goodness.

          date: Dec.18 '02 Wed.

mg...what is wrong with life these days...?
found out today that a co-worker
whom I like and trust has problems
with the place so she's
quitting after tomorrow.
if that isn't enough
after getting back to my apt,
found other apt people gathered
talking that one of them got
stuff taken from her room
and no windows/door broken.
and what does the police do?
no one else in the apt knew about
the robbery until today,
and apparently, this happened in november!
sheesh. what is wrong with this year...?

          date: Dec.17 '02 Tue.

one of the worst days ever.
the co-worker I had trouble with
still had problem with me. sheesh.
if that isn't enough
a close friend of mine working as a cashier
had money stolen from her drawer
and got blamed for losing the money
and apparently, it's not the first time
and the manager knows it
but won't do anything about it
doesn't life suck.

          date: Dec.16 '02 Mon.

a day off and my laundry day.
hate not having laundry machine in the apt...
the laundromat's so far away.

          date: Dec.15 '02 Sun.

asked a customer where she was from today
because she spoke with an accent.
"o, j'suis de la france"
(I'm from France)
oh! je parle le francais un peu
(I speak a little French)
"Tu parles le francais un peu?" she repeats,
and turns to her American friend behind her.
"Oh! She's so cute! She's so cute!!!"
...granted she looks about my mother's age...
what's that supposed to mean "she's so cute!"
after my attempt to practice my french?
or is it because of the attempt...???
some customers are...
"so cute!"
to borrow the lady's words.
had trouble with a co-worker today...

          date: Dec.14 '02 Sat.

a day off.
went shopping to supermarket
where they have the bakery.
came across the store manager a few times...
and was right there when he
tried to nudge aside a box with his foot
and the stuff on top of the box
came tumbling down with a crash.

co-worker from yesterday:
"You've visa. Why work here?"
("here" meaning crappy place)
none of your business

          date: Dec.13 '02 Fri.

*bent down to pick up something and
went the button.
no, not the waist button.
just the button for shirt sleeve.
developing muscles or fat?
*spent my first 15min break
in a bathroom stall
sewing on my button...
*a customer today...
"Do you have cake?"
...yes, we do. right in front of you
"But do you have cake?"
.....yes....right there...

          date: Dec.12 '02 Thr.

went to the bathroom. found two flies at it.
tried to swat them but they flew away.
came out of the bathroom stall
and they were still at it
so swatted them and got 'em.

          date: Nov. 27 '02 Wed.

started a temp job at nearby bakery
in the sales department.
(doesn't that sound cool? woohoo.)