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FFVII Fanarts
Angel Night
1024 x 768 | 172kb (jpg)
800 x 600 | 141kb (jpg)
800 x 600 | 163kb color
A holiday wallpaper...the only problem? Errr...unless your icons are clustered on the left hand side, they'll be difficult to see, I'm guessing. And it's kinda embarrassing to have that near naked Zakky wuv floating on your desktop?! XDDD
Vincent Valentine Wallpaper (b&w)
1024 x 768 | 104kb (jpg)
800 x 600 | 78kb (jpg)
Since this wallpaper is in black and white image, the image sizes are manageable. That's why I actually provided two versions so you can just go ahead and put one that fits your screen! ^o^
Vincent Valentine Wallpaper (color)
1024 x 768 | 177kb (jpg)
800 x 600 | 129kb (jpg)
I realized that the total black one may be depressing so I made another version that's more like the Zakky one below. (One thing about the Vinny wallpapers: The close up is scary on your comp! XDDD)
Winged Zack Wallpaper
1024 x 768 | 190kb (jpg)
800 x 600 | 133kb (jpg)
Have fun~
Simple instructions for Window 95 or 98 users:
Unless you're on a public computer, just right click on the image and click on "Set As Wallpaper" option. (I believe there's similar option in IE but can't remember off the top of my head...)

Copyright & Disclamer Notices: These images were drawn by me and edited into the above format. Please do not alter them in any way. Thank you.