A word from yours truly...
Welcome to Cat In a Cream, a webgraphix and desktop wallpapers site! Unless stated otherwise, the graphics used on this site are either drawn or scanned in by me, and I don't want anyone stealing them.

Webgraphix (ex, background images) >> If you use any of the background images or gif icons, please have a link to Cat In a Cream somewhere within your site.

Desktop Material (ie, wallpapers) >> You can download and save them onto your hard drive as many as you want. I just don't want anyone posting them up at their sites.

Please be courteous and follow the netiquette as much as you can. ^^

With all that said, please feel free to take a look around and enjoy! ^^

Some of the programs used to make these materials.
Scanner, Adobe Photoshop 5.5, Desktop Architect
Useful programs to have when playing around with desktop themes.
Desktop Architect, MS Paint, Flasher