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archive 01 02 03 rinrin minmei

          date: Feb.25, '03 Tue. P.S.
uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!! T_T_T_T_T_T_T
St@r Oce@n 3's coming out tomorrow in jpn!!! >x<
I so want to play... @_@;;;;;;;;
And the voice actor doing main chara's
the same guy as the one who did
Goku in S@iyuki, and K@ne B|ueriver in Lost Univ@rse!

          date: Feb.25, '03 Tue. alpha
Why can't I stop liking him...?
I want to stop...dammit...

          date: Feb.25, '03 Tue.
I need to go get a haircut~~~ >x<
So, anyway. Nothing new.
At least I was in a better mood today
than yesterday.
Oh, and I conclude that I'm not
made to be a chef. XDDD
There was only one person in the
cafe kitchen, and I felt bad, so
one time I asked if I can be of help.
He didn't need help at the time, but
later he asked me to lend a hand
for a task which he probably thought
I could handle.... and... I... -v-;;
My right hand didn't last me five min. -v-;;
ufu...I felt so embarrassed and helpless.
They seriously need to hire another
fulltime person. @_@;; The guy
can't even go to lunch or break!
Ain't that illegal anyway...??? @_@;;;

          date: Feb.24, '03 Mon. alpha
...I'm shocked that I was shocked to
see him with his wife (or so I assumed her to be).

          date: Feb.24, '03 Mon.
I really hate slow days... ._.
For some reasons, it's not busy during
the day on weekdays, and it gets hectic
around closing time, which is really annoying.
I really need to find that job...

          date: Feb.23, '03 Sun. alpha
I was going back and forth between
the cafe and the bakery so much
so I didn't see him that much. XD
And for goodness' sake, I don't
intend on meeting his glance when
I'm in the cafe. I feel so exposed there. @_@;;
That's one reason I much prefer working
in the bakery rather than in the cafe.
Then while I was sweeping around and
enjoying myself (XD) I just happened
to glance up (can't be bending over
all the time!) and saw him looking at me.
I instantly turned away my gaze, but
looked up again about a second or two
later, and he's still looking! -v-;;
That guy has a problem. XP
Why would any married person want to
approach someone not their spouse?
If I were married and ever felt attracted to
some guy other than my husband, then
I'd turn around and run. XP

          date: Feb.23, '03 Sun.
Wheee~ Had a busy day today! Fun. XD
Although it wasn't so fun that I didn't
get to go to lunch until near 5pm. -v-;;
But I was in the cafe during the
busiest hours for the bakery, so
that was good for me. XDDD Not that
the cafe wasn't busy, but when the bakery's
busy, it's way too hectic. @_@;;
Then later in the day, I was scraping
green tea chocolate slices that they
use for green tea cake, so they gave me
chocolate chunks and other stuff.
Today was a harvest. XDDD
I spent most of the day humming
S@kamoto M@aya's "yo@ke no k@ze wo kikin@gara"
and I think some of my coworkers were
laughing because I was humming even while
serving customers, and while I was sweeping
the floor, but that's okay.
Humming that song made the day easier. XD

          date: Feb.22, '03 Sat. p.s. to minmei
I was just browsing through your site again~
Either my browser's weird, or the mermaid
collab pic's cut off. @_@;;
and the commission section is lovely~~ >v<
One of the drawings for RPG reminds me of Aerin. XDDD
Not that she looks like Aerin, but
her hair just reminded me of her.
muuu...looking at your drawings is making
me itch to draw too...
Still have rinrin's pic to color... XDDD
I was looking for Cl@ude's reference since
I don't have the game CD anymore, but
I got lost looking at preview stuff for
SO3. *o* want to play... >x<
I think I'm suffering from game withdrawal. >x<
Wanna play Tearing S@ga.... >x<

          date: Feb.22, '03 Sat. alpha
When I went to get my pay check, (k) saw me;
Oh, did you come to show yourself to him?
Me: I can't find my paycheck~!!! T_T
My supervisor called me this morning
about schedule change and I told her
I'm dropping by to pick up my paycheck,
so apparently, she put is aside for me
so it wasn't in the usual place. ^^;;
But it scared me there for a sec. XP
I'm sick and tired of even thinking about him. -_-;
I can't even tell if I do like him anymore,
or if it's become sort of like a habit
to think that I like him. -v-;;;

          date: Feb.22, '03 Sat.
Day off~~~ and it's raining cats 'n dogs! @_@;
Drove my mom to work and went to pick up
my pay check 'cause I forgot yesterday. -v-;;
Then went to an store nearby to get D@ritos
and got drenched despite the umbrella. ._.;;
I hope it's not going to be raining too hard
when I go pick up my mom... and I pray
that there'll be parking spot available
when we get back! >x< Go away, snow!!! >x<
Tonight's dinner is curry.
I haven't been cooking at all lately,
and I just got this craving for curry. @_@;
But I didn't have the usual ingredients today,
so it's experimental. XD
ingredients: onion (lots), carrot, shiitake,
ground chicken, and curry.
Haven't tasted it yet, so we'll see how it is. XD

          date: Feb.21, '03 Fri. alpha
Muuuuu... Encounter rate has gone up! >x<
He's been coming to buy something
from the bakery since Wednesday!
At least... I'm getting used to it,
so in that sense, that's good.
Otherwise... muuu....
I don't have the chance to talk with
(k) too much lately because she's
in the cafe and I'm in the bakery,
but I had a quick chat with her when
I went over so she can go to her break...
And she mentions that it looks like
he's interested in me too...
so it's not my imagination.
But so what? Or rather, that same question again...
What the hell does he want...? @_@;;

          date: Feb.21, '03 Fri.
Added link to minmei's blog for my convenience. XD
Anyway, had an evaluation/interview with
the store manager and general manager (whatever that means).
Nothing bad, so that was okay.
I was a bit nervous though at first,
because I've been hearing bad things
from my mom. -v-;; But I don't think
the general manager knows that she's my mom,
so so much the better.
Had to get some stuff from the storage room
today...and it was on a higher shelf,
so had to climb other boxes and a high stool
to get them. -v-;;; I closed the storage door
before doing that, since I didn't want
customers seeing me doing that! XDDD

          date: Feb.20, '03 Thu.
Walked to work, but got a ride back. Yay.
Had yet another customer after closing
who claimed to have come "all the way"
from ** state, and I'm thinking,
that's where many of the employees come from
everyday, and if they think they're
coming from such a faraway place,
why the heck can't they come earlier
so they actually have time to buy stuff???
I'm learning to recognize most of the
customers who come daily, but most of
the American grannies, I don't like.
They're annoying as h@ll. -_-;;
There're mirrors all over the bakery,
and one time, I saw my reflection...
and scared myself. XDDD
Didn't have enough sleep because I woke up
1hr earlier than I planned b/c of a phone call.
A friend's getting married! *o*

          date: Feb.19, '03 Wed. alpha
Hau... I thought he wasn't working today...
but he was. People in his department're
probably absent too due to snow.
(We can't move the car either
or else we'll lose parking space. >x<)
Was happy to see him, but couldn't really
take the time to notice because it was
darn busy in the cafe. -v-;;

          date: Feb.19, '03 Wed.
Walked to work today for first time in a week?
My legs hurt by the time I got to work. XDD
Then couple of people were late due to snow/
traffic problem due to snow.
and the person who was suppose to work in the
cafe couldn't make it, so had to do the cafe
until the girl who usually does the cafe
came in the afternoon... and it just has
to be busy when I'm there! >x<
Lunchtime sucks... -v-;;
But it wasn't too bad. I like being busy
rather than bored out of my mind. XDDD

          date: Feb.18, '03 Tue.
Slept through half the day away
then went 'net surfing. (T@nipuri! >x<)
Slept again right after dinner
then woke up later to do some paperwork
for insurance application... -_-;;
I don't want to believe I'm still working here...
But I sort of knew I'd be doing this...
Laziness is bad... >x<

          date: Feb.17, '03 Mon.
I wasn't even planning on updating today...
It's been snowing heavily since yesterday,
so the store closed adn there was no work.
So I slept in until 6pm, then ate a meal,
had a fight with my mom, then slept...
Then my mom said we have to dig out the
car while we can, so we did that.. ;;
My whole right side hurts now... >x<
Gonna eat a second meal too. -v-;

          date: Feb.16, '03 Sun. alpha log 02
Otherwise, not much to note except...
maybe to admit that I'm looking out
for him too much. XP
I went to my lunchbreak, and I usually
go to the bathroom after punching the time card,
so I went, then walking towards where
I usually sit, I don't know why, but my
gaze seems to have wandered while turning
a corner and met his. But I wasn't
expecting to see him there at all, so
how the heck did I know to look there? @_@;;
It's scary.... -v-;;
Then when I was done with my last break,
I was checking the machine to make sure
I did have over 10min of break (or else they'd
complain about overtime, dammit) and I was
mumbling to myself trying to figure out the min.
Satisfied with the time, I punch, and
take a glance to see where he is... His back
was to me, but...I could see him blushing.
The bane of having a pale skin. XDDD

          date: Feb.16, '03 Sun. alpha log 01
One of the unpleasant incidents today
involved him... -v-;;
Well...not exactly, but he came on the spot.
I was arguing with a customer/employee
who came back to say she gave me $10 and
that I didn't give her the correct change.
Well, I'm sorry, but I distinctly remember
seeing, handling, and saying $5.
So we were arguing back and forth, and
she drove me to check the cash drawer,
and I was shouting from the cashier to her
when he came by.... XDDD
There was no other customer, so we were
arguing without reserve, but when he came by,
we both got a little quieter, and she left.
My face wasn't burning exactly, but
it was close to turning beet red again. XP

          date: Feb.16, '03 Sun.
Not much to note because there're
too many unpleasant incidents today.
Otherwise, it was fun working on a busy
day for the first time in two weeks.
I generally do enjoy busy days
as long as there isn't that one dumb
customer that is out to annoy you. (j/k)
Spent a bit of my lunch break trying to
formulate an email to rinrin.
I'm sorry it hasn't taken shape yet.
But I'll write soon, and you're in my thoughts.

          date: Feb.15, '03 Sat.
Day off.
Spent about three to four hours reading
manga at an used bookstore. XD

          date: Feb.14, '03 Fri. alpha log 02
I had the cashier report in my hand,
and even I can't say for sure whether
it was intentional or unintentional
that I let the paper make noise as
I ran back to the bakery (it was near
to closing time, and I had a lot, and I mean
a lot of things to do >x<)
and he turns my way... and I'm just
thinking...would you turn around just
because there was a slight noise?
((I keep on losing track of my thoughts...
d/ling mp3s... XD))
WHY!? .....I think it all comes down
to that question for me...
Why? and what does he want?
Me, I want absolutely nothing since I can't
have all of it. I wish I could get that across
to him, but I guess I'm getting across the
wrong idea by showing my interest... -_-;;

          date: Feb.14, '03 Fri. alpha log 01
Not much. Same as usual.
It was a hectic morning, but I don't know why...
I was serving a customer, and seeing a figure
passing by behind the customer, I glanced up
just as he glanced at me. It's just that split
second, but it's so darn frustrating.
What the hell does he want?
I know I don't have to look, but I'm not
the one going by his place and looking.
I don't actively seek him because I know
he's not available. Yes, looking at it the
other way around, I'm available in more than
one sense, but he should know better!
Then later, I was at the customer service...
and I see him coming from the bakery direction,
and he's turning around to look.............
I don't know why I have this conviction that
he was looking for me. I think...both he and
I're super sensitive on days when we know
that we're both working...

          date: Feb.14, '03 Fri.
OMG... @_@;;;
I went to work this morning, and it was chaotic!
They're doing sales from today until Mon on
cream puffs, and my goodness, they went fast!
And there was only one sales person until I went,
and that made only two, so it wasn't that much
of a difference. I mean there was virtually
no one today. Only me and (k) for the bakery
and the cafe, then a new person who came in
today. She's quick, so I didn't have to teach
that much, so it was really great to have her.
Anyway, completely forgot, but Happy vday. XD
Not that it felt like much of a vday.
It's not as if I've a bf or anything. XP
Oh, well. So I just handed out chocolates
to most of my coworkers and that was that.
One coworker, I completely forgot to give
until I saw him leaving, so I ran after him
and caught him at the exit... I don't mean
anything by it, but... I guess it looks like
I mean something by running after him.......? -v-;;;

          date: Feb.13, '03 Thu. alpha log 02
...and basically meeting face to face,
I couldn't ignore him, so we mumbled 'hi.'
... XDDDDD 「どうも・・・」「・・・ッス。」
One of these days, I just might burst out
laughing doing that. XDDD
(Typed it down in jpns the exact words, and
it's darn funny. XDDD)
*sigh* I don't know if I do like him or not.
It's much better if I don't like him...
but I get so lonely if he doesn't come by. ;-;
I wonder if a day'll come when I can act
normally around him and say 'hello' with a smile
the way I do with anyone else I meet often. ._.;;
I'm so~~~~~~ tired of liking him
and being so self-conscious... ._.;;

          date: Feb.13, '03 Thu. alpha log 01
Way too worn out to really write today.
Also, I really think the infatuation's wearing off.
I...just don't care as much anymore.
Too tired to...but...
Have to say, I'm still happy to see him. XP
This morning passed by fairly peacefully
and I was more concerned about st@r ocean 3
coming out later this month than him,
until I went to my first break... went to
punch my time card. I pass by my mom so I exchange
a greeting, turn my head and see him who was
doing a transfer at the customer service.
I don't know why, but I was looking at his feet
and thinking... that's so cute...!!!
... -v-;;;
Then when I went to the customer service to
hand in today's sales money for one register,
he was just coming by to do transfer.........

          date: Feb.13, '03 Thu. log 02
Then another customer...
I don't remember the whole conversation,
but it was another Korean guy *much older*.
"****-san wa kirei desu ne." (You're pretty.)
me: arigatou gozaimasu. (for the compliment.)
Then before leaving,
"mata aimashou." (See you again.)
me: arigatou gozaimashita~ (for buying.)
Later, during my last break, I was wondering
what the heck's today...and just realized
that it's vday tomorrow.
gah... I hope it's not busy tomorrow.
(k)'s down with a flu, so I doubt she's coming
tomorrow, so that leaves only me and
my supervisor combined for bakery and cafe. @_@;;

          date: Feb.13, '03 Thu. log 01
a customer today... : Are you Japanese?
me: Yes, and you?
c : ...oh, Korean.
me: ... (Why're you asking...???)
c : Your teeth aren't ...Y'know.. Japanese girls.. *points at teeth*
me: .... ????
c : Their tooth are *trying to think of the word*
me: ... Their tooth are...? *thinking that's grammatically wrong*
c : *motioning with hands*
me: Oh, you mean... twisted?
c : Yeah, yeah, that's it.
me: *covering mouth* Mine is too... ^^;;
c : But..well, anyway, thanks.
me: Thank you~
So what was he trying to get at...? -v-;;
Trying to compliment me for
having a set of straight teeth?
But they aren't straight...considering
I've had braces. -v-;;

          date: Feb.12, '03 Wed. omega (XD)
(k)'s saying how I'm scary on his days off.
._.;;; It's not as if I do or say anything
to her... Yes, I might act annoyed and
vent steam after an annoying customer,
but that's that, and she's always doing it
herself. Why should she say I'm scary? XP
I was talking with a friend on the work phone,
and later (k) asks if it was my bf... -v-;;;
Why the heck would I be sighing over a guy
at work if I had a bf, for goodness' sake!
And the friend I was talking with is a girl!

          date: Feb.12, '03 Wed.
Y'know what? -v-;;
I didn't know about the change in alert status
until today. We needed to get water anyway,
so we went to buy after work, and...
there was almost no water left. @_@;;;
That's what happens when you don't have a tv. XP
Is there something mentally wrong with a person
when they seriously start thinking that there's
a conspiracy against them and that the whole
world's against them?
It's so annoying to put up with people like that.
I have to forever listen to how people're attacking
my mom, and I'm thinking, they're just being stupid.
Why can't she think like that? Even if there
really were a conspiracy, if you can't do anything
about it, then why worry about it?

          date: Feb.11, '03 Tue. alpha
This spanish guy who was on vacation for two weeks
came back. He knows some jpns and always trying
to learn more. So today, he was asking how to say
"I missed you," in jpns. I was telling him,
and I translated it as "I'm lonely withou you,"
which perfectly expressed my feeling today... ._.
And I still have to survive tomorrow too...
I was talking with (k) about how guys should be
taller than you, and she glancingly mentioned
"Like you and ____." ._.
He really is my ideal if only he weren't married.
After all, how many people out there
could resemble my cat? XD

          date: Feb.11, '03 Tue.
It was surprisingly busy in the morning.
Saw some customers I haven't seen in a while,
which was nice.
Otherwise, an unremarkable day.
Oh, and let me not forget that I
punched out on time because I started
cleaning up way before closing time. XP
I'm eating too much.. Have to walk tomorrow.