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archive 01 02 03 04 rinrin minmei

          date: Apr.4, '03 Fri. bgm FF Piano Collection
Knowing that hundreds and thousands of people die,
I don't see how anyone could want a war.
If anyone wants to, then he himself should go,
not other people.
As for France and the other countries, they
may struggle for oil now and people may say
they're grabby, but at least they didn't
start a war for oil the way the U.S. did.
If you were to go to a bakery, would you prefer
a place where the store people're not talking
or a place where they're chatting (I don't mean
that they ignore the customers).
We're told not to chat while working,
but imo that's nonsense. I know I'm friendlier
when I'm in a better mood, and I'm definitely
in a brighter mood chatting with my coworkers
rather than if I were hardwork at something.
Sheesh. Besides, it's not as if we just talk
and not work. Our hands're doing something
while we work. Darn managers.

          date: Apr.2, '03 Wed.
...??? @_@;; Why'm I getting so confused with
the dates and days in my blog...? XP
So...anyway... The cat's out of the bag,
and everyone at my workplace knows about
the change in personnel. In other words,
who're getting fired. More than half, I think.
There won't be anyone to talk to...! >x<
And it's the people who're experienced
who're getting cut. TxT
And it's the people whom I really liked. T_T
There's a new person coming from another
department, but I don't like her that much.
Darn it. It's so unfair.

          date: Mar.31, '03 Mon. log 02
Shit. The damn "war" is starting to sound
too much like the second Vietnam.
Why can't the U.S. government have the
courage to admit that they've made the
wrong move, apologize, and stop?
I understand why those soldiers shot the van,
but that doesn't make it any better.
It's just Vietnam all over again.

          date: Mar.31, '03 Mon. log 01
OMG... I had last shift today, so I counted
the money...and it was over $1K short! >x<;
I know it must've someone making a mistake
punching in the price, but still....
And I know I was out of it all day today,
so I wonder if it could possibly have been me. >x<
I don't think I made the mistake but.. >x<
I have a major issue with the phrase I see
everyday in the paper right now...
Pro-war people "supporting the troops."
Hello. If they're pro-war, then they're
sending the troops to unnecessary deaths.
How can they say they're "supporting"
people they're sending to their deaths?
They're not supporting the "troops" since
the "troops" didn't start the war. It's Bush.
So if they want to be technically correct
(which they obviously do not want to be)
then it should be "supporting Bush" not "troops."

          date: Mar.30, '03 Sun. gamma bgm: BoA "boku wo yobu koe"
New crush... *blush*
... XDDD
Actually, seriously thinking about it,
I don't know if I'll ever want to
be in a relationship, seeing how bothersome it is.
But anyway, it's the crush from 3/7 entry.
He's cute~~~~~ In Japanese culture, there's
this category of cute guys, "Johnny's" (janiizu-kei)
because the production companies produced
all these boy idols down the years like
SM@P, K|nki K|ds, Ar@shi, etc. and those
guys're all cute in one way or the other.
My belief is that they're attemting to
produce as many types of cute guys as possible. XD
So anyway, this new crush falls under that
category. I tagged him dog/puppy though.
I don't think he exactly looks like a dog,
but he resembles one..'least, to me. XD
I hope I get to see him more often.
He came yesterday and today. ^-^
BUT I'm not looking for a relationship. Any. XP

          date: Mar.30, '03 Sun. bgm: BoA "kiseki"
There's gonna be major change, or it seems like,
in personnel at my workplace... -v-;;
I know I'm gonna be still working, but...
I'll know how things'll go next week... ~-~;;

          date: Mar.28, '03 Thu.
You know it's spring...
when you're nose won't stop running. >x<'s the allergy season! >x<
I thought I finally got over the cold,
now it's hayfever!!! My nose_is_running....!!! >x<
I sliced away a piece of my skin
while slicing cabbages. It's been a while.
It brings back memories of xmas time... -.- so...unfigurable.
Hmm... I didn't realize that Fyrna had a site. O.o;
And somebody actually came to cattail from
my unupdated pitas blog. @_@;;;
Life is full of surprises... XDDD

          date: Mar.26, '03 Wed.
rinrin's situation reminds me of my bro.
He's gotten a bit estranged from us since
he started dating that darn gf of his.
I guess it doesn't matter whom he dates,
but I don't like people patronizing me
just because they happen to be a couple
of years older than I. -_-;;
Well anyway... dunno what exactly to say
for your situation... I _think_ your mom
may bug you on the phone a lot because
you two are in two different countries,
and she finds it frustrating that she's
not there to rescue you from any troubles
you might get into (not realizing, of course,
that you might not really need help from her).
Moms're like that. My mom doesn't bug me
now that much, so I don't know...
I'm more of a confidant, hearing her out
with her problems, so... dunno.

          date: Mar.24, '03 Mon. alpha bgm: my mom doing crossword puzzle -_-;;
My...long time.
Anyway, I was reading fanfics online when
I came across this phrase... It's in jpns,
and it roughly translates to,
"I was always looking at you
because I wanted you to notice me."
Hm. Interesting. XDDDD

          date: Mar.09, '03 Sun. bgm: SLAYERS "Get Along"
I closed both of the cash registers
in the bakery today, and....
The money doesn't add up right... >x<
And it's been fairly wrong for
the past week or so now. ._.
I'm only glad it's not solely my responsibility. XP
If you were asked what your
strengths and weaknesses are, how would you reply?
Broadway strike...
I wonder how that's gonna turn out.
rinrin >>
That.... looks extremely uncomfortable!

          date: Mar.08, '03 Sat.
A fairly busy day today~~~ *dances around*
Except most of the time I was helping
out in the back, but otherwise
I got to run around like a mouse
so that was nice.
What wasn't so nice was my hair
falling into my face so the right side
of my face was hidden most of the time. XDDD
Which also meant I couldn't see much
most of the time since I'm batblind
in my left eye. @_*;;

          date: Mar.07, '03 Fri. alpha
You know that you're no longer infatuated when...
you start noticing other cute(r) guys. XDDD
Yes, it's finally happened.
I'm nearly completely over my crush,
and this time, you guys can trust my words on it
since I'm getting other crushes. XDDDDD
Not for real, but my mind's not wholly
occupied with him, so that I can actually
take a look around for other guys. XD
There was this cutest guy today who came
yesterday too~ And I'm half hoping he
might become one of the regulars.
Coworker (r) from the cafe served him yesterday,
and I told her then that he was my type,
and I told her today that "he came! he came!" XDD
She's saying she now knows my type. XDDD
Then later today, I was in the cafe with her
and there was this customer who was a bit
my type, so I told her, and she replied,
"I was going to ask you if he might be." XDDDD type isn't the type of guys
that I'd like for their personality.

          date: Mar.07, '03 Fri.
A relatively slow day, considering it's Friday.
There's this new person working since
last Friday, and she's very quick to learn
and is extremely competent...
except there's just something about her
I can't quite like... ~_~;;
Maybe it'll wear away with time, but...
I think I understand (k) when she says
it's way too annoying to have new people/
incompetent people around. She hates
working on the weekends. Me, I like weekends
because it's busy, but I have to say,
I partly agree with her. It's a complete
mess on the weekends. @_@;;
But then again, I don't care about the place
as much as (k) or the supervisor does,
so it doesn't get on my nerves as much. XD
I'm praying so hard for a new job...
although praying won't be enough. XD
Gotta do research~~~~ >x<;;

          date: Mar.06, '03 Thu. alpha log 02 music: hirai ken "morai naki"
Seriously, I don't want to have anything to do
with a married guy, so I'm ignoring to the
best of my ability...
And I found out the other day that
his wife's working in the same mall. @_@;;
... -v-;;; I really want to get out of here.
And I'm hoping I can...soon! >x<

          date: Mar.06, '03 Thu. alpha log 01 music: shela "love again"
I haven't the faintest idea how many times
he passed by today... @_@;;;
My coworker (k); "He's really enjoying passing by."
me: enjoying what??? #_#;; strutting? XDD
I doubt he'll be doing this tomorrow, but
this is way too much. -_-;;
Before my lunchbreak ends, I usually go to
the bathroom... Today, I took a different route
because I had something to throw away in the trashcan,
and so I had to take the long way around,
happened to look in the direction that I meant to go...
and saw him. =-=;;
Since I didn't want to come across him,
I veered away and decided to leave my bag
at the bakery (which was the opposite direction
from the bathroom) before going. In front of
the bakery, I fell to talking with a salesperson
from nextdoor store, and meanwhile,
who passes by but him. muuu... ~-~;

          date: Mar.06, '03 Thu. music: Scride ED (final)
It was sleeting in the morning...
and I attempted to drive to work, except
it was impossible so I had to leave the car
on my way to work and walked the rest of the way.
I thought that the store might be closed,
but it wasn't, which was a mixed blessing.
It might as well have been though, considering
there was almost no customer at all. -_-;;
It was soooooo boring.
It was busy in the morning for me because
I was late, and I had to put out the pastries
on display, but afterwards, there was nothing to do.
I mean yeah, I guess I could've cleaned up
and done other things, but I just didn't
feel like it. Neither did other coworkers.
So we were mostly lazing around, me,
folding boxes (for cakes) one handed while
my left hand held up a book; other coworkers
looking at classified ads or apt rental ads.
Eventually I got tired of pretending to work,
so I just sat down behind the counter and read.

          date: Mar.03, '03 Mon. alpha music: .hack sign
While working in the bakery, he passed by,
and a coworker whom I was standing next to,
elbowed me, and said "Oh, I just suddenly
had this urge to stretch my shoulder."
A few seconds later we were laughing and
giggling like school girls. XDDD
And I was thinking, I don't think I ever
acted like this back in my middle or high school,
or any of my academic years. ^^;;
I don't think I ever made casual friends
the way most people do.
Even though I'm going crazy under the
pressure of having to find a job and whatnot,
I'm glad I'm working here.
(Not that I mean to stay there forever!)

          date: Mar.03, '03 Mon. music: hirai ken
Bleh. Five days or so since I last wrote? XP
I was in the cafe, covering for (k) for her
lunch break, and the supervisor was shuffling
around, doing something with the cakes
in the display case. I don't know what I was
doing, but I was turned away from her,
when all of a sudden, I hear an audible splat!
And when I turned around to see...
I saw a whole 8 inch round green tea cake
fallen upside down from the display. />0<\
I believe I almost screamed. -v-;;;
Apparently, the supervisor had moved the cake
and it was perched way too precariously,
and it fell when she wasn't looking. -v-;;;
I just pray that I never do that. XP

          date: Feb.27, '03 Thu. alpha
eeps. Went to pick up my mom,
wasn't sure if she ended at 7 or 7:30
so I went at 7 (so I could go to the
bookstore if it were the latter time),
and went in by the back employee entrance
so I wouldn't miss my mom (which could
happen if I went around to the front)
and who do I bump into (figuratively) but him?

          date: Feb.27, '03 Thu.
Went and got my haircut...
And... I didn't need to worry about style...
It's almost the same as before... -_-;;
I wanted to have bangs, but the person
persuaded me out of it.
And well... I really want to find a
good, cheap hair salon... T_T
I just checked my e-mail, and I got a
msg from telling me that it
turns out that they don't have the book
that I ordered around xmas time!!!!!!!! T_T_T_T
And I was waiting so long for it!!!!!!!!!
It was my gift for myself for xmas and bday!!!!
Going doujinshi hunting now... >P

          date: Feb.26, '03 Wed.
Muuu... I'm thinking of going to go get haircut
tomorrow, but I can't, for the life of me,
decide what hairstyle to ask for... >x<
I kinda like haircut that fuji (T@nnis Princ@) has...'s not as if I'm planning on cosplaying...
so there's no point in imitating that hairstyle... XD
Oh well... I'll see how it goes.
I think I'm gaining pound a day... #_#;;;